Gifts: not the only way to celebrate Mother’s Day this year


photo or infographic by Heather Jackson

MOTHERS, GRANDMAS, TEACHERS, OH MY. Students begin preparing for Mother’s Day as May 8 seeks around the bend.

A mother gets home from a long day at work to a dozen roses, a box of chocolates and a brand new heart-shaped pendant. This is what many envision when thinking about mother’s day, but it is much more than that. Mother’s Day is not just for those who are listed on a birth certificate, and it does not require expensive gifts to show love and appreciation. 

Mother’s Day does not have to be a grand gesture that breaks the bank. Love can be shown through small acts of service and thoughtful notes this May 8. 

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to gifts, especially when it causes too much of a financial burden for the giver to be excited. The small gift can be the most meaningful. A handmade bracelet or painting can be the gifts that are cherished, and they don’t come with financial worry. Simple flower bouquets or a favorite bar of chocolate can be all a person needs to know they are loved.

Physical gifts aren’t the only way to show appreciation for someone. Sometimes all a person needs is an act of service to lighten their load. Students can help teachers with small tasks. Teens can take care of siblings so Mom can have a night to herself, and grandkids can do a chore for grandma to help her around the house. Gifts can be a token of love, but an act of service can take a task off of someone’s very full plate and create a relief that is incomparable to a sweet treat.  

Actions and gifts are just two of the ways to celebrate mother’s day, but some forget that words can go a long way. Everyone has different love languages, and words of affirmation is one not many people address. A simple card of thanks can mean the most to some people as a reassurance that all they do really have a positive impact on someone’s life. This can be done through a simple note on the fridge or an unexpected call. 

Although mountains of gifts and life-sized stuffed animals can make someone’s day, Mother’s Day is really about letting people know they are seen and appreciated. This could be through a nice text, a flower arrangement, a chore taken off of their hands or a piece of jewelry acting as a reminder they are loved. No matter how great or small the gesture is, it is always nice to know someone cares. 

This Mother’s Day, dig deep to find what will be the most meaningful for moms, aunts, grandmas or teachers. Discover which love language to cater to, and most of all, let them know they are cared for, seen and loved.