Marvel adds She-Hulk to Disney+ with mixed reviews

by Lilliana Shivers, VOW contributor

When it’s time to sit back, relax, and turn on the TV most people will head straight to Disney+. Recently Disney announced the streaming of a new show based in the Marvel Cinematic Universe called, “She-Hulk.” Marvel fans were ecstatic for the new TV series that is based around women empowerment but when the show aired, not many people were pleased.

“She-Hulk” is based around the main character named Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) who gets into an accident with her cousin, Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) and unfortunately turns into the female version of the Hulk. Before the accident, Jennifer was just beginning her official career as a lawyer. When she gets into a car accident with Bruce, his blood gets into one of her cuts, which causes her to transform into a 6’7″ beast. When Bruce is able to capture her and bring her to an island in Mexico, they begin her Hulk training. Bruce attempts to teach her how to control her Hulk powers and learn to begin life as a powerful hero with an elaborate training plan except Jennifer is determined to get back to her normal life as a lawyer and disregard her new powers. 

While “She-Hulk” was supposed to be a fun TV show, viewers should probably reconsider watching it. The once promising TV series slowly dissolves into an awkward combination of bad fight scenes, poor CGI and poor humor. Even though Jennifer is supposed to be a character viewers can relate to, she comes off as arrogant and irritating. Jennifer also manages to come off as self centered due to her lack of care towards her new super powers and is more focused on her old life. Bruce went through 15 years of complicated training and fighting villains to master his Hulk abilities but Jennifer learns to master her powers within hours and refuses to go through with any sort of training, which rushes the timeline for any superhero. The writing of the show is almost lazy. The first episode feels rushed with poor character development due to the speed of the writing.