She-Hulk comes to close, leaves Marvel fans excited for future

by Stone Chapman, VOW Staff Writer

As time progresses people get tired of certain genres due to the constant following of an overused formula. Marvel Studios saw this and decided to switch up the norm by introducing She-Hulk. Every Thursday for the past nine weeks, Marvel fans enjoyed the fourth-wall-breaking, femme fatale that is Jennifer Walters. 

The finale episode of She-Hulk opens with Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) in the prison cell that viewers once saw the Abomination reside in. This shows the way society perceives She-Hulk after her outburst. Eventually, Jen is let out of prison under the condition that she wears an inhibitor – a device that disables her powers. At the climax of the episode, a fight breaks out, and Jen, physically, breaks the fourth wall and complains to the writers about the ridiculous and repetitive ending that is in store. She eventually gets the ending that she wants, something less intense, but perfect for a simple Attorney at Law.

Overall, She-Hulk is a new-age show about a lawyer coming to terms with a new identity, nothing flashy, just Jen. Some dislike the show because they believe it is a grasp at feminist views but they are just looking for something to complain about. The Marvel team trying something new worked, some people just cannot get used to change.