Parade theme transports Wildkats to fabulous Las Vegas

Dice spinning down the street. Brides lined up at a Little Wedding Chapel. Coaches, principals and teachers dressed in wigs and glasses in the style of the King of Rock and Roll.

Homecoming has always been a tradition that involves not only the school and its’ students but also the community.  This year the homecoming floats and festivities created the magical world of fabulous Las Vegas. 

The evening started with the parade and float contest. Along with the contest of who had the best float there were also lines filled with members of the community waiting to see the floats and get some candy.  The parade had a boost in morale and connection to the participants much more this year compared to last. 

“This year’s parade was way better than last year,” senior Tesia Jackson said. “It was more of a personal connection with the community, and it made me so happy to wave at the kids and see them get so excited. One of my favorite parts was when a little boy started dancing with me and Julian at the end of the night.” 

Homecoming is meant for bonding and representing true school spirit. 

“The homecoming parade is always lots of fun,” head volleyball Coach Megan Storms said. “It’s always a fun time for the program, and I love the combined school and community spirit.” 

Being a part of the homecoming court has fulfilled dreams and made way for new ones to be created. Fire Up the Kats is a special night for the seniors.

“I loved getting to be down on the field during Fire Up the Kats with my best friends Jaistyn and Katie,” Jackson said. “Being a part of the homecoming court is such a positive environment. I love being able to be so involved with everything, and showing people to overcome their fears of going in front of big crowds. I decided I wanted to run for homecoming queen my freshman year because I always looked up to the people on the homecoming court when I was younger.” 

The evening is short, but the memories last forever. Bragging rights on the best float is also something that lasts longer than one evening.

“We started putting together ideas a few months ago,” Storms said. “We found out the theme and worked on the float on and off for a month or so. We won the Most Creative float award and winning that before lighting up the Kats was one of my favorite parts to experience.”