Team continues to support coach, husband during tough battle


photo or infographic by Stephanie Paske, volleyball booster club

THROUGH THE STORM. Members of the volleyball teams present a check their coach, Megan Storms and her husband Michael Storms. The money aas raising through the month of September for the family.

As the tacos and sweet treats are sold on tables, crowds of people show their support by wearing the matching shirts provided by the Willis Volleyball Booster Club in order to raise money for the Storms. The product of their hard work finally pays off as the  team hands Coach Storms a hefty check to fight colon cancer.

The parents and students involved with the volleyball team recently raised $6,000 through sales of shirts, wristbands and various other food items over the course of the month of September. All of the proceeds were donated to the Storms family in an emotional moment Friday, Oct. 7.

Being given an opportunity to make a difference is exactly what this willis volleyball program and community have done for the Storms. 

“It’s hard to put into words the emotions that go with this situation,” Coach Megan Storms said. “We have both been overwhelmed by the support of our community and school, specifically the volleyball program. None of this was expected, and we are humbled and grateful for everything they have done for us. It means more than we can even begin to express.” 

Giving back to those who have never stopped sacrificing for the goodness of others is a feeling beyond comparison. 

“It’s really fun to give back because  she really cares for us,” junior Sophie Satterwhite said. “Even through our Tyler tournaments when she missed her husband’s appointment in order to coach us. It felt so good to finally have a product to give back to the Storms family through the check of our efforts.” 

A now well known hashtag has a much bigger impact and deeper meaning to the Storms and how great their strength, faith, and perseverance truly are. 

“#IAmTheStorm means a lot of different things,” Storms said. “I first think of my husband and his strength and faith while going through this. Seeing the hashtag almost reminds me of all of the prayers and support we have received from friends, family, players, students, staff, and other members of the community.”