Home-town hero backed by community on his way to congress

Morgan Luttrell wins representative seat for District 8


photo or infographic by courtesy of morganluttrell.com

TEXAS PROUD. During his time as a Navy SEAL, Morgan Luttrell takes a photo in full gear. Luttrell is the first Willis High School grad to be elected to Congress.

The final votes are cast, and the small town kid from Willis, Texas has had his congressional race called.

The victory party ensues and the celebrations commence.

Come January, the Willis High School graduate and Navy SEAL will be in the capital, as the voice of Texas’ s 8th Congressional district.

Former Navy SEAL and Willis Alumni, Morgan Luttrell was elected to the U.S. Congress in the recent midterm election.

He is the first Wildkat to be elected to Congress. As one of the 220 elected Republican representatives, he will be in charge of effectively voicing the Conroe, Willis and New Waverly area’s values during the creation of new laws. He takes up the seat of retired Representative Kevin Brady who served for 25 years.

“I’m very excited about Morgan, and I’m so excited for what this accomplishment means for him and for our school,” teacher Cheryl Gehovak said. “I worked with Morgan and his brother a lot when they were a part of the drama department. He was always goal oriented, ambitious, and a driven individual. He had an innate sense of drive. He wanted to be a Navy SEAL, and I think setting that high bar allowed him to achieve what he did.”

His accomplishments have given inspiration to Willis High School’s ambitious students. Even after graduation 30 years later, Luttrell still influences his former high school.

I think it is really quite amazing that a person from my small town high school has been able to accomplish such great things, senior James Rogers said. “I think he is a fantastic success story and an inspiration for all of Willis’s student body.

Luttrell had high praise from his former teachers and they believe that the qualities he showed early on contributed to his achievements. 

“He had a great personality and he enjoyed life,” Gehovak said. “He was around people who were positive and respectful to everyone they interacted with, and was just a genuinely good person, all important qualities of a representative.” 

Winning District 8 by over 70,000 votes, Luttrell has shown that he is respected by his home district. While old Willis might have had his back due to nostalgia, he has also impressed the newer generations with his impressive leadership ability and humility.

“I voted for Morgan because he is a great guy with good values that are similar to mine,” Assistant Principal Katelyn Owens said. “I see him in the community all of the time and he is a very personal person who does not fanfare, which I respect. At the football games is a normal person and hugs all of his former teachers, and watches the game as a fan, despite his fame.”