Anything but a Backpack Day gives school spirit new meaning

Microwaves offer a practical way to quickly heat up leftovers and kayaks are normally used on family outings to the lake, but these everyday items were used as a means to carry school supplies when STUCO hosted Anything but a Backpack day.  

Thursday, January 19. Celebrated the send-off of the Aqua Kats to the district meet. Student council used Anything but a Backpack day to show that Wildkats are excited about the Swim Teams upcoming season. 

“Anything but a backpack day was a huge success when we did it last year,” student council sponsor Amber Brumlow said. “This year I have seen shopping carts, grass fertilizers and even kayaks.  The students love it. I am going to do my best to keep Anything but a Backpack day an annual tradition.”

Students that participated when all out with their “backpacks” no matter how difficult carrying an unrealistic object around may be.

“When I heard it was Anything but a Backpack day I knew that bringing something super unreasonable would catch everybody’s attention,” junior Caden Davis said. “I decided to bring a kayak, and it was funny to watch people record me walking around and carrying a 50-pound floatation device up the stairs.”

A drive to break the rules is inherent to some teenagers so a chance to step out of the normal mandate and carry random objects around scratched Wildkats itch.

“I brought a  teddy bear today because it is adorable, and normally it would be weird to carry a stuffed animal around,” freshman Summer Cop said. “I feel like this spirit day gives students an option to stray away from the rules and go a little crazy. One girl actually brought her little sister instead of a backpack.”

Though some “backpacks” were frustrating to lug around, having the option to be spirited was worth the exasperation.

“I thought the idea of anything but a backpack would be really fun, but it was a bit of a struggle,” junior Brandon Peruchie said. “I had to carry a suitcase around and it kept bumping into people. That was kind of annoying but I still had a good time getting to participate in a spirit day.”