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The Student News Site of Willis High School

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The Student News Site of Willis High School

The Voice of the Wildkats

HIT THE BOOKS. As part of the photography unit in journalism class, junior Kambryn Borkowski and her group practice their skills in the library. photo by Alyssia Criddle

Libraries evolve to serve all students

Apr 20, 2024

When a student walks into the school library they are met with a comfortable silence and become surrounded by stories from around the world. In a new age of social media consumption and quick, easily accessible...

BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW. The 2024 Mr. Wildkat is set for April 6.

Mr. Wildkat renews tradition, raises funds

by Stone Chapman, VOW Staff Writer Mar 29, 2024

Steps on a stage silence the crowd, lights flash and viewers watch as the kid they have watched silently read a book in class performs a 200-step dance routine without missing a beat. This is the Mr....

POOR THINGS. The Academy loves the absurdity of Poor Things starring Emma Stone. The film won Best Picture and Stone took home the Best Actress Oscar for the film.

‘Poor Things’ obscurity shocks the Academy

by Stone Chapman, VOW Staff Writer Mar 25, 2024

After decades of the same Hallmark-style romance movies or superhero action flicks, Academy members are looking for a film with a more obscure and intricate plot. Director Yorgos Lanthimos attempted to...

#SUPPORT. The AquaKats found support from their competitors at meets throughout the season with the hashtag swim4frankie.

AquaKats remember friend for positive attitude, love of sport

by Stone Chapman, VOW Staff Writer Mar 4, 2024

Purple tinsel strung through the hair of swimmers, #Swim4Frankie in Sharpie on their backs and murals and posters scattered throughout supporting schools show that the loss of a teammate won't be forgotten....

WHATS LOVE WORTH? Scale holding a gift and a handwritten letter, shows the value of dedication. Photo or infographic by Stone Chapman.

Valentine’s gifts more than diamonds, dinners

by Stone Chapman, VOW Staff Writer Feb 6, 2024

Hallmark cards depicting kittens with heart eyes, designer bags and chocolate in the shape of a rose tend to have an uptick in sales during everyone’s most hated or admired holiday. Valentine's Day started...

YOU STILL CANT SIT WITH US. There is more than a Burn Book in common with the characters in the original and new versions of Mean Girls. photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures

New ‘Mean Girls’ movie adds to iconic story of high school caste system

by Stone Chapman, VOW Staff Writer Jan 17, 2024

The word iconic holds more weight than those who throw it around believe. It is used to describe just about any film, song or book. However, it should only be used for a handful of truly iconic things....

THROWING HEAT. Sending the ball as far as she can, sophomore Madison Leverette throws the softball at The Woodlands High School meet.

Special Olympics provides venue for success for members of Champions Academy

by Stone Chapman, VOW Staff Writer Apr 13, 2023

Running a track or throwing a ball might seem easy for some students, but for others, working up the courage or energy to hit a softball can be challenging. Students in the Champions Academy prove...


Lana Del Rey changes the music industry once again

by Stone Chapman, VOW Staff Writer Mar 29, 2023

When one searches the internet to find an artist that has something new and different to offer, one might find peace in Lana Del Rey. Del Rey can sway any audience with her whispy-voiced melodies and relatable...

TANNENBAUM OF TRASH. Hand placing bottles donated by students, junior Addison Lyons and senior Charissa Miles-Aybar build the base of a christmas tree, an idea forged by the Energy and Environment co-cher.

Student Council commended for effort to improve school culture

by Stone Chapman, VOW Staff Writer Mar 23, 2023

The goal of the student council is to create a better school environment with the help of students, but while the school is being improved, so is student council’s image statewide. With each successful...

FOUR-DAY FOLLY. The movement to a four-day school is not what is best for students.

Four-day school week: misguided effort

by Stone Chapman, VOW Staff Writer Feb 28, 2023

As time goes on people desire new innovative approaches to old methods. New Waverly ISD, Crosby ISD and other districts have approved changing its weekly schedule to four days of school as opposed to the...

QUANTUMANIA MADNESS. The most recent Marvel movie is a film that transports viewers into another world while also expanding on plotlines previously introduced in other movies.

Quantumania movie sets tone for future Marvel ant-ics

by Stone Chapman, VOW Staff Writer Feb 23, 2023

In a world of men with spider-like attributes, destructive witches, beer-drinking gods and giant purple Darwinians, not much else could be surprising. Marvel challenged this outlook by announcing Antman...

UNCLE SAM APPROVED. On Red, White and Blue day, senior Reid Henderson shoots a picture of English teacher Chris Slovak dresses as a modern Uncle Sam. Members of Wildkat Media write stories, take pictures and work in designing and posting stories.

Week centers on importance of scholastic journalism

by Stone Chapman, VOW Staff Writer Feb 17, 2023

When an eighth-grader circles journalism on their schedule request form they often assume they will be met with an easy class. The possibility of taking pictures on the sidelines or roaming the halls with...

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