Kindness should be focus for all

Guest speaker controversy leads to bad behavior


A lot of tension and conversation centered around a guest speaker coming to speak in cosmetology several weeks ago. Last night at the board meeting, several community members spoke on both sides of this ongoing issue. At times members of the audience booed Principal Stephanie Hodgins. The guest speaker in question is not the issue in this whole social media dispute. It is the constant negativity that has sparked the tension between parents and the principal that is the real problem. 

Bringing in a guest speaker to teach students about makeup is something good for the school. It has happened before, and it should happen again.

— Demaris Pelayo

As students at a public school, as Christians and as members of society, there is just one thing everyone should keep in mind, and it’s simply just to be kind to others despite their choices and lifestyles.

First and foremost the speaker was not an issue until some parents brought it up at the school board meeting in October. None of the students in the cosmetology class nor in this school were bothered until parents decided to put their personal and religious beliefs into the argument. Bringing in a guest speaker to teach students about makeup is something good for the school. It has happened before, and it should happen again. This allows students that are passionate about this career learn about different techniques, and learn more about jobs in such a difficult industry to be in. 

Many or the arguments revolve around sexuality. It is fair for parents to worry about what is told to their children, but it is unfair for parents to simply jump to a conclusion and say hurtful things towards this speaker and the principal. In the aspect of parent concern, this was not something that they should of been worried about. According to many of the students present in the room during the guest speaker, they asked questions about his lifestyle. The speaker would ignore those, and he only answered questions about makeup and technique.

Surviving high school is not easy. Students are experiencing changes, and they are struggling to figure out who they are. The comments on social media were spread and a lot of students saw these comments. No one should ever feel like an abomination or a part of a “twisted little subculture.” These comments against a man wearing makeup lead to stronger and more hateful comments about sexuality, drugs, morality and religion. The attacks became personal on the teachers, principal and the guest speaker. The main concern is no one realizes the thoughts or changes going on in someone’s head. A lot of students and even people keep their feelings to themselves because they are afraid to be attacked by their loved ones. Anyone should be able to express themselves without being afraid. 

For the most part, the student reaction has been kind, forgiving and loving compared to the adults spouting hate on several social media platforms. The adults involved need follow the example most students are setting, especially on this week dedicated to kindness.