Trainer earns SHSU Preceptor of the Year honors


photo or infographic by Emily Meachen

BACK IN ACTION. At the scrimmage against Cy Falls, AT Jordan Gonzales supervises SATs. He was named Preceptor of the Year by SHSU for his involvement in their training program.

Everyone talks about the sports with the players, coaches, and fans, but people fail to recognize the people who take care of the athlete when they get hurt. Those people are quick and prepared, not anticipating an injury, but are ready to go in whenever something happens. They may not wear capes, but the athletic trainers are super heroes to the athletes they treat. 

Sam Houston State University awarded Jordan Gonzales in the Sports Medicine Program, the Preceptor of the Year award earlier this month. 

A preceptor is an instructor or teacher. The Preceptor award is to recognize teaching, leadership or mentoring.

“It’s an honor to be selected as the preceptor of the year,” Jordan Gonzales said. “There are two other great Athletic Trainers at Willis HS, let alone all of the other Athletic Trainers in the Sports Medicine Program at SHSU. It’s important because it affirms that students are leaving our program with a positive experience and more prepared for a career in the sports medicine field.”

Nicknamed “G” by the students of the athletic program, Gonzales’ is known for how he makes everyone feel welcome throughout the program. 

“G goes above and beyond to teach the athletic trainers all about the sports medicine field and makes extreme efforts to ensure all athletes are cared for,” senior Peyton Kelly said. “He does an amazing job at making everyone feel welcome and important. His job is most definitely not easy, including long hours and challenging tasks, but if anyone could do it, it’s him and for that we all appreciate him so much and wouldn’t rather have anyone in that position.”

Head AT Scott McClatchy recognizes the work Gonzales puts forth in the program.

“Preceptor of the Year is a great honor for Mr. Gonzales and our program,” McClatchy said. I couldn’t be happier. It shows the level of commitment he puts into the athletic training students at SHSU and their education by helping students prepare for the profession; working with them in a secondary school setting allows them to see and learn what it takes to function in the profession.”

Students also learn a lot about life from Gonzales and the AT program in general. 

“G works so hard everyday to keep our athletes in great shape,” senior Jenna Day said. “He puts so much effort into the student athletic trainers and teaches us how to be better, not just on the field or in the training room, but in life as well. I am very proud to be in the program and working with G.”

Gonzales is joined by Jordan Terrell in the SHSU’s preceptor program. 

“Mrs. Jordan Terrell, our other staff professional ATC, is also a part of the preceptor program,” McClatchy said. “We would not be as successful as we are without either of them, and I feel truly blessed to work with them everyday. They not only make it a privilege to be a part of our Wildkat athletic training family, but they are also just great people to be around and it is a better program because of them.”

Terrell or as the students call her “JT” makes sure that all students get the best possible education on and off the field. 

“The award shows the hard work and dedication we have towards the kids, both from Willis and Sam Houston, and making sure that they get the best education possible, on and off the field,” Terrell said. “Every single student that walks in is eager to learn something new every day, and the more hands on the student is while in the training room doing evaluations and observing, the more they will learn.”

Gonzales acknowledges that having students appreciate him is a motivator. 

“Be a light in someone’s day,” Gonzales said. “Students usually don’t come to the Athletic Training room to say hello, but because they are hurting or have an injury, which can be stressful and scary. I do my best to make their recovery as fast and fun as possible. Knowing that my students appreciate what I do for them is a great motivator.”