Job board available for students looking for work


photo or infographic by Juan Meza Chavez

WORKERS WANTED. Many local businesses contact the high school for workers. Drop by the job board to see if a job may be perfect.

Willis ISD has brought a way for students who are in need of a job to find one easy and convenient. Students now have no excuse to worry about a job when you can find one at room B205.

Willis and their counselors help students find an opportunity when a student is having trouble finding a part time or even a job after high school.

“We get email fairly frequently from just different companies that are looking to hire people,” counselor Tricia¬† Neumann said. “Sometimes students¬† who are still in high school and sometimes students that are fresh out of high school.”

This is an important message for students who are wondering what they want to do after high school. They can seek help and find companies that are offering students jobs.

“If you’re looking for a job, come check it out, see if there’s one on there,” Neumann said. “I tried to kind of blast it out, like through email the best I could.”

Mrs. Neumann points out how student do not check their emails on a daily basis, which eliminates chances of students finding jobs that could benefit them.

These new job opportunities can also be college representatives that can give students chances to see if they are able to apply and sign up for a college. This is crucial for students who are planning on applying for a college, but are indecisive about which college. Neumann encourages students to always check emails on a daily basis to find information that can be important and crucial to students.

“I send stuff about college not just jobs,” Neumann said. “I mean colleges also email me and I send info on things like the college night we had.”