Mr. Wildkat hits PAC stage May 20

Seniors still encouraged to sign up


photo or infographic by Jenny Stone

SENIORS INVITED. The next meeting for Mr. Wildkat will take place on Wednesday, April 5 in the LGI at 6pm. Mr. Wildkat will be held in the PAC on May 20 of this year, with time to be determined.

Mr. Wildkat, an event containing joy, funny choreographed dances and tears of laughter. Every year, one senior  is named Mr. Wildkat and given the prize of bragging rights and cheers from the audience. This year is no different.

The annual Mr. Wildkat event will take place on Saturday, May 20. There will be informational meetings on Monday, March 27 and Wednesday, April 5 to inform seniors who have signed up about sponsorship, deadlines, rules and expectations. Seniors who wish to participate in the event should have already signed up via google form in their school email, but there are a handful of spots left to grab. 

Similar to previous years before, Mr. Wildkat will start with introducing the contestants and their escorts. All participants of Mr. Wildkat must find a sponsorship to promote their contestant in the competition.

Shortly after their introduction, there will be a swimsuit contest for the contestants to create laughs for the audience and show off their creativity. Contestants’ outfits must be approved by the directors of the event.

One of the main attractions at Mr. Wildkat is the choreographed act where a group of contestants create a funny skit together to try and catch the eyes and humor of the audience and judges. This is an opportunity for the contestants to let their minds roam free and come up with something that will draw a laugh. All skits must be approved by directors as well.

The other main event of Mr. Wildkat is a formal wear competition. In this category, contestants clean up from the previous event and wear a full tuxedo, their escorts will follow suit with a dress of their choice. This is the part where short videos will be shown to the audience describing each contestant and their reason for participating in Mr. Wildkat. Shortly after, the 2023 Mr. Wildkat will be announced.

Altogether, Mr Wildkat is sure to be a show that no one will want to miss. Save the date of May 20, 2023 in your calendar and be prepared to laugh.