Seniors selected as Who’s Who

Teachers, staff chose honorees as leaders in classroom, on field, in community

Carlie Rutledge

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photo or infographic by Emily Meachen

Class of 2020 Who Who. The 25 seniors were chosen by the faculty and staff as leaders in the class.

This time of year next year, they will be in college, reminiscing on the high school years.  They might not remember much, but they will remember being the class of 2020’s Who’s Who.  

The best thing to do in high school is be involved with anything and everything there is to offer. 

“Participating in so many clubs is what got me where I am today,” senior Elysia Garcia said. “All these clubs are what brought out the better in me.”

There are many aspects that come with being a good role model, one just finds that one thing to push them to be the best they can be.

“My little brother really inspires me to be a good role model,” senior Joel Mendez said. “It’s nice to influence future generations to do better.” 

Practice and commitment helps advance people in life. 

“Everyday I work on my craft whether it be in the gym, classroom, at home or simply by walking down the hallways,” senior Coleman Davis said. “I just do it and put the excuses behind me.” 

Some seniors want to be remembered for their personality and the sports they played. 

“I want to be remembered by being an outgoing person with self confidence and being a team player on the field,” senior Conner Fisher said.

Some seniors chosen for Who’s Who have natural leadership qualities. 

“I believe I’m a good person,” senior Demaris Pelayo said. “If I’m a good person then other people would possibly want to follow.”

Some seniors have a different legacy they wish to uphold. 

“I want to be remembered for being famous on TikTok,” senior Hayden Feist said.