Students joined in kindness

Club creates day to support kindness throughout school


photo or infographic by courtesy photo

#KATS$KINDNESS. Snapping a shot with band director Chris Allen, junior Faith Miner takes part in the scavenger hunt for kindness day. Miner posted photos with several other teachers.

Kindness day was hosted by the school’s Kats Joined for Hope club Wednesday, Dec. 2 to encourage students so support kindness throughout the school by coming in blue attire. 

  In addition to encouraging students and staff to wear blue in support of Kindness Day, the club had other activities for the day as well. 

“We had a photo scavenger hunt. Students can take pictures with our faculty and staff, and then, upload them to social media with the hashtag #katsforkindness,” club sponsor Shelley Eisinger said. “The students who post the most pictures will win $20.00 gift cards for places such as Starbucks, Chick-fil-A and McDonalds.”

Kindness is not always a large, extravagant gesture. Some show kindness through seemingly small actions throughout the day, and these acts have unforeseen effects. 

“Kats Joined for Hope wanted to have a kindness day because we need to spread more kindness throughout the school to improve the overall mental health and energy,” junior Alyssa Williams said. “It is very important to show kindness because if we don’t know what others are going through, we might be the only light in their day by being kind.” 

Kindness is not only the will of the heart but science as well. 

“When we are kind, research has shown that it creates a ‘positive feedback loop’,” Eisinger said. “Doing just one act of kindness inspires another and another and another, all the while we are building a sense of happiness in ourselves and our environment. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.” 

Showing others kindness does not only affect the intended person. It can affect many people in ways great and small. 

“The good thing about kindness is, there’s no downside,” junior Kendall Cobb said. “You’re helping others who may be having a rough day, while also making yourself feel better. By showing kindness, we’re able to create a more positive and productive environment. The other day I was very stressed because I was running late for school. Luckily, someone kindly held the door open for me. While it was a small gesture, it made my day.”

One may not realize that their small, seemingly meaningless, gesture can have major effects on others. As people show kindness to those around them their lives as well as the lives of others can be improved in possibly monumental ways. 

“If the smallest amount of kindness can make someone’s day better, or even save a life, it’s always worth it,” junior Jennifer Talley said. “I remember last year when I was struggling a lot with my mental health and motivation, this kid in my law class noticed something was off and simply asked how I was doing. That five word question changed my life. The idea of someone caring about me, or even noticing me in the slightest way made me feel worth something. That small, small act of kindness turned around my life.”