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The Student News Site of Willis High School

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The Student News Site of Willis High School

The Voice of the Wildkats

GET IT AWAY FROM ME. The box jellyfish, a creature on my reverse bucket list (things I never want to do).

Things in the ocean that make me never want to swim again

by Jason Clark, VOW staff Apr 26, 2023

In Mr. Manning’s aquatic science class, a series of animal dissections have brought to the school’s attention the wonders and beauty of the ocean. These and many more organisms are essential to the...

BLACK BEAR WHITE POWDER. Cocaine Bear follows a unique cast trying to survive a bears coked-up rampage.

Cocaine Bear ODs on its own violent rush

by Jason Clark, VOW staff Feb 28, 2023

Oftentimes, the title of a movie serves to convey themes the piece of cinema hopes to explore in a way that makes the watcher really think about the nature of the human experience. Then there’s "Cocaine...

IS IT WORTH IT? Playing sports often leads to injuries.

Effects of sports injuries live long past glory days

by Jason Clark, VOW staff Feb 16, 2023

It’s Friday night and the first game of her high school career. For years she has dreamed of playing high school basketball and tonight is her chance to enter the team with a bang. The stands are full....

BATTING 100. The baseball team is holding an event on Saturday to raise funds for Coach Matt Pavlichs family.

Baseball team knocks support out of park

by Jason Clark, VOW staff Jan 28, 2023

Baseball is a sport known for its high emotions. The enthusiastic cries of the fans. The nailing-biting windup of the pitcher. The crack of the bat as it sends the ball into the stands to the roaring crowds...

NEW YEAR, NEW EFFORT. With the calendar now saying 2023, many students are contemplating a resolution.

New year, new opportunities

by Jason Clark, VOW staff Jan 23, 2023

Out with the old in with the new. For many the start of the new year is a time to remake oneself into a better version of themselves and, encouraged by the tradition of new year resolutions, they attempt...

GIFT BUYING DILEMMA. Buying an overly expensive gift for your person may make them feel a bit sad or even guilty, especially if their gift costs less.

Buying special gifts for that special person

by Jason Clark, VOW staff Dec 13, 2022

The holidays. It's a time for celebrating, catching up with loved ones, and spreading joy and cheer. For those in a relationship, this is the perfect time to give a meaningful gift to your special person....

CHRISTMAS IN COMING. On Friday at 4:00 the barn will be alive with fun, games and Santa. The event is free and open to all WISD elementary-aged students.

CTE presents cocoa, cookies, Christmas cheer in the barn

by Jason Clark, VOW staff Dec 1, 2022

The sounds of playful laughing. The smell of hot cocoa and freshly baked cookies. Children darting between their parents' feet and enjoying the Christmas cheer. The CTE center is hosting Christmas...

BOX OF BOTTLES. For the recycling drive, boxes are left out that can be filled with plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

Mean, green, recycling machines

by Jason Clark, VOW staff Nov 14, 2022

The sound of tireless machinery fills the air of the factory. The hiss of steam. The whirring of the conveyor belts. Here, millions of tons of plastic are being produced for every kind of reason imaginable....

HOLY HOOPS. This image was created in DALL-E 2 with the prompt jesus playing basketball, stained glass.

AI artists could evolve into blessing or curse

by Jason Clark, VOW staff Oct 27, 2022

In a cold dark room filled with blinking lights, a server bank whirs to life. Quietly beeping to itself, one might think that the machine is processing math equations or transmitting an instagram post....

FAR FROM CELEBRITIES. Boosted by TV shows, serial killers are elevated to celebrity status, but the truth is they are still horrible, evil people who took innocent lives.

TV, movie industries guilty of glamorizing serial killers in name of entertainment

by Jason Clark, VOW staff Oct 12, 2022

The murderer stands over the corpse of his victim, an innocent teenage girl walking home from school. This man is heartless, predatory and cold. Regardless, in the coming weeks, months and years, he will...

FUTURE AND DESTINY. Don’t let anybody control your future and destiny. You control that. Your high school years are going to be the best years of your life and you’re supposed to enjoy those four years of high school because after that it’s all business.

Former Wildkat acts as bridge between past and present

by Jason Clark, VOW staff Oct 4, 2022

The year is 1974. The lights of Berton A. Yates stadium power on for the first time, welcoming their new players. A newly integrated and unified high school football team steps onto the grass, freshly...

SORRY WE ARE CLOSED. Due to an effort to increase safety, bathrooms on the first and third floor are closed during classes.

Closed restrooms lead to toilet troubles

by Jason Clark, VOW staff Sep 28, 2022

Holding his pass, the student reaches for the door handle of the bathroom and tests the door, already knowing what awaits him. Nothing. Just like the others, he begins to shuffle toward the only bathrooms...

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