Powderpuff teams hit gridiron Wednesday at Yates


photo or infographic by WHS

IT’S GAME TIME. The powerpuff game is Wednesday, with the freshmen vs. seniors game starting at 5:30.

by Julian Pelayo, VOW staff

The annual powder puff game is set for Wednesday, May 4.  The first game starts at 5:30. The game is a fundraiser, but since the class of 2022 has been undefeated since their freshman year, the game is more about bragging rights. 

“I feel like nobody can stop us,” senior Kinsey Rigsby said. “Ever since we came into the high school we haven’t lost a powder puff game, and they aren’t stopping us from winning this year.”

The first game of the night will be between the freshman and the seniors. Not only do the freshman think they can knock off the seniors in the first game, but they are confident that they can win it all.

“We have great coaching, so I know that we will win,” freshman Chandler Beasley said. “This is my first year coaching a powder puff game but I have been holding my team accountable, and we have been practicing a lot. I know we can come out on top.”

The second game will be between the sophomores and juniors. The juniors are confident that they can repeat last year and win, but the sophomores have a different plan.

“I feel like we are the team that can finally beat the class of 2022,” junior Janice Talley said. “I feel like we have been putting in the most practice and that we have the best athletes in the powder puff game. The sophomores will not be a problem at all, so we are more focused on the freshmen and seniors.”

The sophomores will not concede that the game will be easy, but they know they have the talent to win. 

“Last year was a fluke,” sophomore Georgia Paugh said. “I feel like we are overlooked a lot, but I like being the underdog because nobody is expecting us to win. I love proving people wrong so I’m calling it right now that we are going to beat the juniors and then whoever wins between the freshman and seniors will lose to us. We are going to be the 2022 powder puff champions.”

The most trash talking filled event  between high school girls will go down Wednesday night. Will the class of 2022 leave high school undefeated? Or will another grade level go home victorious?