Parade cancelled, but homecoming lives on

Dress up days, Fire Up the Kats and the homecoming game still in effect even with COVID-19 precautions


photo or infographic by Courtesy Photo

WE’VE GOT SPIRIT. Willy the Wildkat shows school spirit at the 2019 homecoming parade.

The student section is filled with painted faces and senior overalls. The stadium lights illuminate the field as the football team fights for a prized win for the homecoming game. Belles and Beaus are announced at Fire Up the Kats, and for once the event did not follow the homecoming parade. 

The homecoming parade was cancelled this year due to COVID-19, but students can still show school spirit through dress up days, Fire Up the Kats and filling the student section for the homecoming game. 

Even though there will not be a homecoming parade this year, it will still be celebrated in as normal a fashion as possible. Students will still vote for homecoming court as well as belles and beaus. 

“Homecoming court will be the same as in years past, with a duke and duchess for grades nine through eleven and a king and queen for the senior class,” student council sponsor Lindsay Carey said. “The only difference this year is that the city of Willis is not allowing us to have the parade, but we will recognize the court at school before the game on November 6 and for the Fire Up the Kats event.” 

Even without the parade there are still plenty of activities to participate in to demonstrate school spirit. 

“I’ll dress up, and I’m most excited for twin day,” sophomore Samantha Pluff said. “I’m really excited for the game because I’m in the band, so it’s really fun to be there with them.”

Dress up days throughout all of homecoming week will still be in effect so students can show their school pride and team spirit all week long. 

“I’m dressing up because it’s fun and different. You don’t have to dress in your casual clothes,” junior Esabella Garcia said. “You don’t have to dress in your casual clothes. You can go all out and do something crazy.”

The parade was the highlight of homecoming week to some students because it gave a sense of unity to the organizations participating and the town. 

“I think it’s sad because the parade is usually fun,” senior Emily Perez said. “I’m usually in it with the tennis team, and it’s fun that we all get to get together and hang out.” 

Students from sports teams, clubs, and extracurriculars used to ride down the streets of Willis in floats one day a year and be a part of something bigger than themselves. They were a part of the community. 

“I’m not too bummed about the dance, but the parade was something I was looking forward to,” sophomore Brianna Ballard said. “I was looking forward to it because I usually got to be in it with FFA.” 

The parade being cancelled really took a toll on some seniors who have been a part of it for years. They will not get to ride their floats one last time. 

“This year is mediocre, and even all of the band competitions were cancelled for this year,” senior Sebastian Costner said.  “The parade is really fun, and it sucks that I can’t be in it my senior year.”