Remote learning, mask mandate 2021-22

Online learning will be discontinued as masks are optional for next year


GOODBYE ONLINE. Remote learning will not be an option for the 2021-22 school year. Masks are optional for summer activities, and it is planned they will be optional next fall as well.

The school board announced their decision to discontinue remote learning and the mask mandate for the 2021-2022 school year on April 22. Masks have been required this year, and remote learning has been an option for any student with safety concerns regarding COVID-19.

The mask mandate requirement will be lifted on May 24. It is planned that masks will be optional for summer activities, but that is subject to change for the upcoming school year according to consultations with health officials this summer. 

“It will be amazing not wearing masks,” freshman Stephanie Viniarski said. “I will be able to breathe and see the beautiful faces of all my friends.”

Although some students and staff have been getting vaccinated and cases in the county have been dropping, there are those who have concerns about the new rule. 

“I think masks should still be required,” junior Jazmin Calderon said. “The numbers went down just a little, and they dropped the requirement. People are not going to wear masks if they are not required.”

The school currently has 317 remote learners, but this will not be an option next year. All students will be required to attend school in person. 

“I really didn’t want to do remote learning, but I am high risk and have no idea what will happen if I get COVID-19,” junior Emmalee Acheal said. “Being a remote learner is stressful and a lot of work, but I am handling it better than I thought I would. I am not too concerned about next year, but there is always a risk with anything.”

Graduation will be held at the Woodlands Pavillion, and the facility has different requirements than the district regarding masks. 

“I think that since it is highly recommended, people should wear one because if they are highly recommending it, it is preferred to wear one,” senior Emily Perez said.

Teachers have had to adjust this year due to remote learning. All lessons and activities had to accommodate virtual learners while still giving them all necessary content for the class. 

“The absence of remote learning will be a major burden that is relieved,” history teacher Whitney Taylor said. “I will be able to spend more time designing more meaningful lessons and activities, and I personally feel like I will be a better teacher to my students since I won’t have my attention pulled in so many directions.”