Virtual job fair on March 29, 30

Students can register as early as next week


photo or infographic by Heather Jackson

SAVE THE DATE. The school is participating in a virtual job fair March 29 and 30. This will help students find their path for future careers and opportunities.

The Education for Tomorrow Alliance will be holding a virtual job fair on March 29 and 30 for juniors and seniors of Willis and Conroe ISD. This will provide students with information about various companies to find their fit for summer jobs and expand their knowledge in the workforce. 

“We did it last year too. I’m excited about it because there’s only so much we can do,” college and career and 504 specialist Tricia Neumann said. “A day when we have other people come out with different resources really helps us out because all that leg work just takes time.”

  There will be several businesses from the area who are looking to hire graduating seniors and students for the summer. 

“I need to look for a job, but I really want one that is not retail, so if I could find one, that would be really great,” senior Macey Conatser. “I have no idea where to start, so hopefully, they can give me some direction.” 

Last year, there were about 40 participating students from Willis. This year, students will need to bring a Chromebook and headphones for the fair. 

“This year, the majority of the fair will be academy time,” Neumann said. “We will log onto zoom and have a room that we meet in. We will meet one large group and split off into smaller groups according to what you were interested in when you registered. They will be able to hear from people based on their interests.”

Registration will be sent out next week to students’ emails. The students must sign up themselves and have a waiver completed by their parents to participate. There are limited spots. 

“I think it’s a good thing and provides opportunities for students,” senior Morgan Miller said. “I think we should have more stuff like this because I feel like people really need help figuring out what they want to do, and things like this help.” 

This event will give students the opportunity to explore various career fields as well as find jobs for their futures. 

“I’m going to go to explore my teaching options, and hopefully, find an internship program to help further my experience in the field of teaching,” senior Ava Semler said. “I had work last year, so I couldn’t go and I regret it because I feel like it would’ve helped me narrow down what I wanted to do because I had no clue last year.”