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The Student News Site of Willis High School

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The Student News Site of Willis High School

The Voice of the Wildkats

TOP SEARCHES. Search engine google created a video highlighting the top searches of the year. Link is in the story.

Looking back on top searches of 2022

by Brody McNew, VOW staff Jan 24, 2023

Search engines are used every day for any sort of problem that needs to be solved.  In 2022, this was no different, the top most searched terms were Wordle, Johnny Depp and countless brand names commonly...

SLAY OR NAY. Although not on the list of popular slang on the Preply survey, slay is one of the most popular on campus.

Slang Survey: Slay or Nay

by Brody McNew, VOW staff Dec 15, 2022

Slang. It’s used everyday, whether they are loved or hated, is up to the user to decide. In 2022 the online Language Learning platform, Preply created a survey about slang terms that had surprising...

NAUGHTY OR NICE. Tired of the sappy Christmas movies? Give these scary Santas a shot.

Horror for the holidays

by Brody McNew, VOW staff Dec 12, 2022

The holiday season is close, and while some are saddened to depart with spooky season so soon, movie lovers don’t entirely have to leave the creeps in the past. With these chilling Christmas horror movies,...

ON THE KOUCH. Athletic Director Jason Glenn is interviewed by junior Atavian Friend on an episode of Kats Kouch.

Kats Kouch highlights life as Wildkat

by Brody McNew, VOW staff Dec 6, 2022

The countdown starts, 3. Focus the cameras, 2. Ready the script 1. Turn up the microphones. The red light comes on. Welcome to the Kats Kouch.  The Kats Kouch is the Willis High School...

Robotiks team builds hard workers

Robotiks team builds hard workers

by Brody McNew, VOW staff Nov 16, 2022

Building robots sounds like something from a sci-fi movie but at WHS, there's a group of students that do just that. The Willis Wildkat Robotiks team has been hard at work preparing for their upcoming...

TARDY SWEEP SHENANIGANS. Tardy enforcement is necessary and needed, but the new sweeping policy is a tough reality.

Tardy sweep shenanigans have students running to class

by Brody McNew, VOW staff Nov 8, 2022

The warning bell echoes throughout the halls. Students rush to pick up the pace to make it into the classroom. The tardy bell rings, it's too late. The enforcement of rules surrounding tardies and skipping...

MAKING BEAUTIFUL MUSIC. The band performs Into the Blue, their marching program for the judges at area competition.

Marching band closes out memorable season at area competition

by Brody McNew, VOW staff Nov 8, 2022

Trumpets rise, drums beat in the distance, all of the hard work from the countless hours of practicing in the scorching heat finally pays off as the competition finally arrives. Anticipation is in...

SCARY ENDINGS. Even with a not so perfect plot, Halloween Ends is still worth watching this spooky season.

Halloween Ends ends franchise

by Brody McNew, VOW staff Oct 21, 2022

Halloween Ends 2022 (R) “Evil doesn’t die, it just changes shape.” Laurie says now that she understands the pure evil that is Michael Myers. Halloween Ends, as the name would suggest, is the...

BE THE CHANGE. After the successful FDA approval of a drug for ALS, there is proof that viral videos could make a difference.

Viral social media trends could make changes in world

by Brody McNew, VOW staff Oct 7, 2022

A bucket with ice cold water, and a camera - all for a good cause. Flashback to 2014 when everyone was spending their days pouring ice cold water on themselves to post on social media. This was known...

INTO THE BLUE. Part of the front ensemble, sophomore Noah Johnston plays his part during the 1st place performance.

Band marches to first place

by Brody McNew, VOW staff Oct 4, 2022

Countless hours under the hot summer sun, afternoons spent perfecting their performance, until it finally paid off. The Wildkat Marching Band performed their show, Into The Blue and won first place...

Ghost hunting 101

Ghost hunting 101

by Brody McNew, VOW staff Sep 20, 2022

Cemeteries. Hotels. Prisons. Sanatoriums. All of these could house ghosts, but how do you find them?  Ghost hunting has been climbing in popularity in recent years with many people and influencers...

NOTHING PREDICTABLE. Nope, an unusual take on the horror movie, is the newest release by Jordan Peele.

Nope or yup

by Brody McNew, VOW staff Sep 13, 2022

 Nope 2022 (R) As the lights go out and music becomes distorted, an earsplitting unnatural echo of a horse's whinny fills the air. As a large shadow moves through the clouds above.  "Nope" is the...

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