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The Student News Site of Willis High School

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The Student News Site of Willis High School

The Voice of the Wildkats

LOADS OF SUPPORT. Xpress Laundrys Sam Prasla, senior Sonia Harper and WISD Director of Special Programs Debbie Walker kick off the Loads of Love Program at XPress Laundry in Willis.

Loads of Love program aides community, earns senior top Girl Scout award

by Michael Scholwinski, VOW staff May 17, 2023

He wakes up with just enough time to grab some clothes and make the bus. The stack of neatly folded clothes at the end of his bed is gone. He has to dig through the pile on the floor. The shirt and jeans...

CHINESE CONTROL. China is currently strengthening its control both politically and economically in order to keep its control for as long as possible. 

Chinese government tightening control to keep power

by Michael Scholwinski, VOW staff May 8, 2023

China as a country has grown significantly since the takeover in the years after the Chinese Civil War, where the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) was able to control most of modern day China under Mao Zedong....

Species of crab heading out door

Species of crab heading out door

by Michael Scholwinski, VOW staff Mar 29, 2023

Crabs are disappearing across the world and nobody is talking about it. Across the globe, populations have dropped by at most 90% in 2022. Officials in Alaska and the UK are now trying to understand fully...

STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. Moving towards a cooperation and pro-European business model through Rishi Sunak and Ursula von der Leyen is a major step in the right direction for both the UK and EU.

New deal for new Europe

by Michael Scholwinski, VOW staff Mar 2, 2023

This past Monday, Britain and the EU announced a new plan for trade regulations and a plan for the future of relations between the continent and the island. The long string of Brexit dealings continue...

POWER STRUGGLE. Without bringing stability through peace, then the Middle East is going to only see a collapse in the future.

Conflict in Middle East brings up decades-long power struggle

by Michael Scholwinski, VOW staff Feb 24, 2023

The Ukrainian war has taken the main stage in everyone's mind, but new conflicts still persist throughout the world. Conflicts in Syria between Israel and Iran have been heating up within the past few...

SPARTAN SORROW. A shooting on the University of Michigans campus on Monday that resulted in three students dead and five more critically injured has left the community mourning.

Apathy in tragedy

by Michael Scholwinski, VOW staff Feb 15, 2023

A shooting on Michigan State University’s campus is setting off more and more red flags. School shootings have become so commonplace, most people just scroll by when the story hit social media. In addition...

BALLOONING CONTROVERSY. Taking down the balloon was still the best option, but possibly capturing it instead of destroying it may have been better on the US side.

Chinese balloon poses questions about national security

by Michael Scholwinski, VOW staff Feb 8, 2023

After being shot down Saturday at 2:30, a Chinese balloon has sparked the interest of the entire country. Worry of a balloon in the sky is something most would believe might have happened during the medieval...

TO PROTECT AND CENSOR. The ban of TikTok on University of Texass network may be closer to censorship than protection.

TikTok ban: censorship or protection

by Michael Scholwinski, VOW staff Jan 27, 2023

On Jan. 18th, The University of Texas and other campuses were banning TikTok on their wifi, after the December 7th ban on government devices by Governor Greg Abbot. This sparked a conversation about censorship...

FOR BENTLEY AND OTHERS. The Tennessee Legislature passed “Ethan’s, Hailey’s, and Bentley’s Law”, which includes the names of the two surviving children of Tennessee Police Officer Nicholas Galinger, who was killed by a hit-and-run drunk driver. The law went into effect on Jan. 1.

New Tennessee law supports children of drunk driving victims

by Michael Scholwinski, VOW staff Jan 19, 2023

Drunk driving claims hundreds to thousands of lives every year across the country. From teens to the elderly it affects families and homes, but more than ever does it affect families where one or both...

NEW SPEAKER. After an unusually long election for Speaker of the House, Congress could be changing.

Extended election for Speaker could lead to changes in Congress

by Michael Scholwinski, VOW staff Jan 11, 2023

After 15 ballots and turmoil in the houses of our government, the United States House of Representatives were able to elect Kevin McCarthy. The long drag out for electing a house speaker came with multiple...

GERMAN UPRISING. More recently a German far-right group has tried to overthrow the current German government, which could show a show of strength to fringe coup d’etats within Europe. 

German coup, the fringe of politics

by Michael Scholwinski, VOW staff Dec 12, 2022

Stability and Strength are two backbones to any polity within the world that tries to keep a place in the world instead of being relegated to a history book. Revolution has been a common way that many...

DONT LIE TO ME. Please dont tell me the rail industry cant afford it. Rail companies spent 25.5 billion on stock buybacks and dividends this year.

Biden calls for end to railway strike

by Michael Scholwinski, VOW staff Dec 6, 2022

After the announcement by Joe Biden to congress about intervening in the current talks to find an agreement between rail unions and companies, the entire nation seems to be eyeing the tenuous situation....

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