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The Student News Site of Willis High School

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The Student News Site of Willis High School

The Voice of the Wildkats

WE BLEED PURPLE. During the honor grad announcements the LGI was full of a see of purple to show support of the Wildkats that we have lost this year.

Students need support through journey to honor grad

by Summer Rains, VOW editor May 18, 2022

Support - that is what has carried many of the top 15% through the past four years of high school. Whether it came from parents, a teacher or friends, support was a key element to success.  And after...

PARKING LOT PROBLEMS. With new drivers getting parking permits every day, the 830 lot is overflowing.

OPINION: Parking problems can be alleviated by enforcing existing guidelines

by Summer Rains, VOW editor April 28, 2022

As the school year goes on, the parking lots fill up. More and more sophomores get a parking pass each day, and every day there's one less parking spot, but this year is different. The parking situation...

WANDS UP. In the new Fantastic Beasts movie, the film focused on just a few fantastic animals instead of many like in previous installments.

Discover downfalls in Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore

by Summer Rains, VOW editor April 26, 2022

COVID- 19 created many problems for the film industry and it is very obvious which movies were made during the pandemic; “Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore” is one of those movies. The film...

FFA PROUD. Members of the horse judging team shows off their ribbons and trophies after a successful competition at the Houston Livestock Show. Members are Brooke Carr, Morgan Christopher, Maeghan Evans, Kendall Higgins, Paris Egbert, and Haley Higgins. Kendall Higgins placed first and Haley Higgins placed 3rd overall.

FFA horse judging team wins big at Houston Livestock Show

by Summer Rains, VOW editor March 12, 2022

Most people classify horses by their color.  "Look at the pretty white one. I like the one with spots." The experts may know the breed. "That Appaloosa has a nice build. The Palomino has promise." Then...

IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND. Staying updated on the latest information, senior Stephanie Keele looks at an Instagram post from @theworldwidetribe about the Ukrainian President.

Unlimited information impacts how students learn about, react to war in Ukraine

by Summer Rains , VOW editor March 4, 2022

Families displaced from their homes.  Newlyweds rushing off to enlist.  A baby being born in a subway station. Grandparents coming to fight for their grandchildren. As the Russian soldiers...

LIGHTNING FAST. Including the BMW commercial about Zeus and Hera, there were several good ads during the Super Bowl.

Best ads of Super Bowl LVI

by Summer Rains , VOW editor February 25, 2022

The first Sunday in February is a day that should be considered a national holiday. People from all over the country come together on this one day to watch an annual event that is guaranteed to be more...

GET TO CLASS. Students are now being penalized with strict tardy rules because they are skipping the beginning of class.

Bad behavior leads to new restrictions on students

by Rosalyn Gutierrez, VOW staff February 14, 2022

      The cry of complaining students is loud, but the cry of those who do wrong is louder. This is a case where the majority was outshined by the minority. They managed to win the consequences for...

RUN THE BALL. During the game against the Conroe Tigers, junior Lucy Smith takes the ball back to the Wildkat side of the court.

Ladykats triumph over Highlander basketball team

by Summer Rains, VOW editor January 24, 2022

The sound of a screeching whistle and squeaking shoes fill the gym. Players' bodies clash into one another as the ball makes its way up and down the court. Parents and fans cheer from the stands and watch...

PLAYING HARD. During the game against the Oak Ridge Eagles, senior Terrance Patterson scored 10 points.

Varsity basketball secures first 6A win against spirited Oak Ridge team

by Summer Rains, VOW editor January 21, 2022

The starters for each team have been announced on the speaker and the boys from each team are out on the court. The stands are full of supportive students and family members. The coaches are standing on...

SWIMMING HARD. At the senior night meet, senior Zach Clark broke a school record.

Senior swimmers honored at Montgomery meet

by Summer Rains , VOW editor January 6, 2022

“Swimmers ready.”  “Take your mark.” The whistle blows and crowd members hear the loud sound of splashing water as almost a dozen bodies dive into the pool. The cool water encapsules their...

GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN. Members of the senior class are planning a senior ad in memory of Bryan Valencia. Valencia passed away this summer while on a trip in Iowa.

Wildkats rally to raise money for beloved classmate

by Stephanie Keele, VOW Multimedia editor December 15, 2021

Not everyone knew his name or his face, but those who did now have a giant hole in their hearts. Bryan Valencia passed away this summer just before the start of his senior year. To many students, he was...

DONATE TO SAVE LIVES. HOSA is sponsoring a blood drive on Dec. 13. Sign up at all lunches.

Blood donors save lives

by Rosalyn Gutierrez, VOW staff December 10, 2021

     Death. Pain. Grief. It doesn’t take long for someone to lose a person that is precious to them. People can’t live without air and they can’t live without enough blood. But when there is...

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