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The Voice of the Wildkats

The Student News Site of Willis High School

The Voice of the Wildkats

The Student News Site of Willis High School

The Voice of the Wildkats

TEACHING WITH SPIRIT. Embracing the Anything but a Backpack theme, math teacher Jennifer Mitchell teaches one of her many DC classes. She teaches college algebra, statistic and trig for DC students.

Taking DC classes now will help students later

by Katherine Lee, VOW editor October 7, 2021

The clock is ticking. Juniors and seniors have a short two years to build up their college transcripts and filling it with various clubs and challenging courses. An advantage of the high school is that...

COLLEGE NIGHT. Lone Star College hosts College Night on Oct. 12 for juniors and seniors. This event will prepare students for filling out college applications and FAFSA.

College Night at Lone Star College helps prepare for application process

by Katherine Lee, VOW editor October 7, 2021

Transcripts. Letters of recommendation. School involvement. GPA. Class rank. These factors will haunt high school students as they prepare to apply for college. Adding on the stress of having to fill out...

FOLLOW THROUGH. Senior Jack Wiebe participates in the Legend Junior Tour Tournament.

Senior golfer drives himself to be above par

by Katherine Lee, VOW editor October 1, 2021

Tiger Woods. Jack Nicklaus. Alejandro Del Rey. Many young golfers pattern their game play after these legends of the sport. However, senior Jack Wiebe looks closer to home for inspiration. “My...

YOU. The Netflix Original poster for You reveals the main character Joe and his wife Love staring menacingly at the camera. The third season premieres Oct. 13.

Netflix Original that will shock You to your core

by Katherine Lee, VOW editor September 24, 2021

The Netflix Original You has taken over the world with its exciting new point of view about the world of a psychopath. It follows the story of Joe, a young man who becomes obsessed with his girlfriend,...

DOUBLE DUTY. Before he begins his job as an athletic trainer in the game against Tomball, senior Cole Arnold is joined by senior Rachel Smith and junior Kolby Sebastian at the student council gift exchange. Arnold was named Secondary Student of the Month at the September board meeting.

Senior, student body president awarded Secondary Student of the month

by Katherine Lee, VOW editor September 24, 2021

Being the student body president means juggling different tasks given by students and staff, representing the high school, being present for every school event all the while handling senior year. Is not...

MASKS OPTIONAL. This year, the mask mandate was lifted and masks were deemed optional. All school functions, including homecoming, senior picnic, football games, pep rallies, are planned to continue as normal.

Seniors fear COVID will cause another school shutdown

by Katherine Lee, VOW editor September 13, 2021

A sophomore year abruptly ended, a junior year spent on the brink of insanity, and an unknown future. The senior class of '22 has had a whirlwind of a high school experience, with freshman year being their...

SOCIAL MEDIA. While social media may have several negative stereotypes, it can be beneficial as well.

Social media gives students opportunity to connect with others across the globe

by Katherine Lee, VOW editor September 13, 2021

Social media has gained more usage with each generation and now, more than ever, each person is greatly influenced by social media figures. Starting from a young age, students download social media and...

JUST BE KIND.  With over 2300 students on campus, it is guaranteed that not every student will agree with the words, beliefs and actions of other students. However, that does not mean that students can resort to taking a picture and posting it online with hateful comments.

Cyberbullying leads to conversation about GRIT

by Katherine Lee, VOW editor August 20, 2021

An event of cyberbullying occurred on the third day of school. Students took pictures and posted pictures on social media mocking a students she was dressed. The event has spread to other high schools,...

HALLWAY HASSLES. New hallway rules were implemented for the last nine weeks of school, creating some new struggles for teachers and students.

New hall pass policy proves successful in preventing rule infractions

by Katherine Lee, VOW editor March 31, 2021

There were procedural changes in the bathroom and hall pass implemented the week before spring break. The changes were put into place after students were found roaming the halls during class periods.  “Our...

NEW SELECTIONS. New course selections are being offered to students just in time for them to pick classes for next year.

New dual credit offerings set for 2021-2022 school year

by Katherine Lee, VOW editor March 11, 2021

As sophomores and juniors work with their counselors to plan their courses for the next few years, students become overwhelmed with the number of choices they have for each of their major core classes....

GROUP CELEBRATION. Senior Julianna Needham stands with directors Laurelyn Korfhage and Ken Labsonski during the class celebration for Needham. Needham is the third student to make it into All State choir from Willis High School.

Senior accomplishes Texas All-State Choir goal despite COVID-19 craziness

by Katherine Lee, VOW editor February 2, 2021

Walking into the room, she takes a deep breath. Behind the curtain are sitting five judges who have the responsibility of choosing the top choir members in the state. Her heartbeat overpowers the sound...

WE CAN DO BETTER. As teenagers mature into voters, the current political chaos is not a good representation of what America should be.

Today’s political chaos serves as inspiration for a better tomorrow

by Katherine Lee, VOW editor January 15, 2021

A mob of Trump supporters raided the capitol on January 6 in response to learning that Joe Biden won the presidential election. Egged on by Donald Trump, they broke into the capitol in a successful attempt...

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